Best Putting Training Aids

Ask any experienced golfer what the most important part of their game is, or where the easiest spot to shave strokes in their game is, and you will undoubtedly hear putting. There is no other club in your bag that you will hit, on average, twice per hole.

If you look at the strokes gained: putting stat on the PGA Tour you will see a list of tournament winners at the top of the list. This includes Bryson DeChambeau, who gets a ton of distance for his length, but not nearly enough for his putting.

If you are looking to gain some strokes with your putting, these training aids are guaranteed to make a difference in your game. Below are our six favorite training aids for putting in 2020. Feel free to post any questions you may have about any of these training aids in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

Best Putting Training Aids of 2020

We tested every putting training aid we could find and assembled our staff’s favorites here.

best putting training aid winner putt-out

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

We struggled with whether or not the PuttOut should be our top rated putting training aid. On one hand, it is our favorite aid and is arguably the most popular training aid on the market. On the other hand, it is not a stand-alone training aid, as to get the best results you need to pair it with some sort of putting matt.

The reason the PuttOut training aid is so popular is that it is the only aid on the market that forces you to hit the perfect putt, with the perfect line, and the perfect speed, in order to “putt-out”. The aid rejects missed putts, returns good putts (that may have been slightly to hard or soft) and sinks the perfect putt.


  • Instant feedback both on line and speed.
  • Can be used at home, in the office, and on the course.
  • The highest reviewed training aid on Amazon. Currently has a 4.6 out of 5 score with over 2,400 reviews.
  • Collapsible for easy storage.
  • ISPO Award Winning training aid in 2018.


  • For best results, needs to be used in combination with a mat.
  • Price point could be lower. At $28.99 with free shipping, nowhere near the most expensive trainer but $30 for a piece of plastic seems high in 2020.

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eyeline putting mirror trainer

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Putting is all about four things, finding your line, aligning the face, striking the ball square, and pace. Finding the line and mastering pace are learned skills that come from work on the course. We can, however, train ourselves to properly align the putter face and keep it square throughout the stroke using a training aid like the Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror.

The mirror allows you to place tees on the outer edge of your putter throughout the stroke, ensuring the proper alignment throughout your putt. The mirror helps you ensure you head and eyes are in the right spot for the putt as well. The tees at either side of the ball ensure the putter is square at contact.


  • Tools like this have long been a favorite amongst tool players. In fact, the Eyeline has been used on tour for 8 straight seasons.
  • Price point of $39.95 is actually cheaper than the knock off version of this training aid.
  • Thin design makes it easy to carry in your bag, and the fact that the aid uses tees as part of the design means less parts to worry about losing/breaking/carrying.
  • Just as effective as a putting gate, but with fewer parts and an incorporated mirror and stroke line.
  • Top selling putter gate/mirror on Amazon with over 500 five-star reviews and an overall score of 4.5 stars.


  • Mirror will scratch when not properly stored in case, or if you are constantly dragging your putter across it.

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sklz accelerator putting aid

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green

We love putting mats that have multiple built in features and that is exactly what the SKLZ Accelerator Mat offers. With lines at 3 feet, 5 feet, and 7 feet, this mat will help you dial speed from common putt lengths. It also allows you to get more practice putts in less time with a built in hole and ball return. Use in conjunction with a SKLZ practice cup (see below) to hit flat putts without the built in slope.

While we love the varispeed putting mat you will find below, the SKLZ offers additional features and comes at half the price point. It is also more than half the cost of a BirdieBall putting mat of similar size and design.


  • Great value product at $49.95. Many popular putting mats are considerably more without the built in slope and ball return feature.
  • Built in stroke and face alignment lines at the 3′, 5′, and 7′ distances help give feedback throughout every practice putt.
  • True-roll surface very closely emulates a typical speed you would find on most greens.
  • Free one-day shipping, free returns, and over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


  • Only one speed turf, we do love the varispeed design that allows you to prepare and adjust for different speed greens.
  • Slope and ball return make it slightly less portable and bulkier to store than a simple mat.

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putt-a-bout putting mat

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

There is a lot to love about this little putting green. Unlike the SKLZ mat, it is able to offer different speeds while still replicating what you would expect to find on a bent grass green with speeds between 11-13. By building the slight incline into the mat, it is also much easier to store, setup, and travel with.

The three targets allow you to set up a game with multiple balls. Simply target each hole one-by-one until you complete the ‘par three’ course. The built in sand traps at the back of the mat will catch putts hit too long, making it easier to track down all of your balls.


  • This mat features great speeds, almost identical to a typical bent grass green you would find on a nice course.
  • The incline results in added mat at the holes and sand trap which means deeper holes allowing you to play more balls.
  • As our only mat under $40, the Putt-A-Bout has arguably the best price point in it’s class.
  • Nine foot length allows you to practice every distance you would need to for most one-putt scenarios.
  • US-manufactured with high quality materials and a non-slip bottom.
  • Free one-day shipping and a phenomenal 4.6 rating on Amazon with nearly 7,000 reviews.


  • No ball return means more walking and less practicing.
  • No marked distances on the mat means you will have to step off every practice session or use tape to mark distances.

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Additional Putting Training Aids Worth a Look

We call this section, the best of the rest. While not our favorites, these are high-quality training aids and you may still find something you love here.

sklz putting cup training aid

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer

Not much to say about these little cups… they are a great addition to just about any putting mat you can find on Amazon or another retailer. Allows for you to move a target to different distances along the mat. Additionally, these fit great into your bag and would let you set up ‘custom’ putts on the practice green. Another great value product from the guys at SKLZ.


  • Allow you flexibility when selecting a putting mat as they can be used with any length/style mat to set up targets.
  • Can easily fit in your golf bag to be used on the course in both practice and mid-round.
  • Extremely affordable option at less than $9 with free one-day shipping.
  • Two piece design can be adjusted to fit inside of an actual hole. Reducing the size of the target and forcing you to be even more accurate with your putts.


  • While this is certainly a training aid, it does nothing to fix flaws in your stroke as our three preferred choices did.

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dirty larry putting navigator

The Navigator Putting Aid by Dirty Larry Golf

This is an extremely popular putting training aid as it not only helps you with alignment but teaches you how to keep the face square throughout your stroke. It can attach to any size and type of putter and is also adjustable to your lie angle and eyeliner. The lightweight (less than 1 oz) design of aluminum and stainless steel means it will have no effect on the feel of your practice putts while outlasting plastic alternatives.


  • Over-engineered design incorporates high-impact plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel components.
  • Is a nearly perfect training aid when used in conjunction with a mat with a built in target line.
  • Provides feedback for alignment, setup, backswing, and face at contact.


  • For such a small piece of equipment, it is not cheap. Again, this training aid is designed to last for generations, but at nearly $50, it does so at a cost.
  • Obviously, not legal for use on the course. This aid will help you train at home and on the putting green, but should not be used during your round.

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varispeed golf mat training aid

VariSpeed Putting System

The VariSpeed putting system mat from ProActive is one of our favorite training aids, but the $99 price point for a 10-foot mat will scare off most casual golfers. That being said, it is the only mat out there that allows you to put on varying speeds from 7.5 through 13.

While the deign looks like it is only two speeds, you can find different speeds by simply moving the ball over one inch at a time. With this setup, we recommend simply placing a dime down as a target and trying to stop the ball directly on top of it. This allows you to perfect your stroke for different speed greens.


  • Clear markers set at 1′ through 6′ and targets set at each end of the mat.
  • Because this aid is meant to train the pace of your putts, no cup is needed, making it one of the more versatile mats available.
  • Easy installation, simply attach align it with the club face, about an inch above the bottom of the grip, and clamp it down.
  • Two-way design does include stoppers on each end of the mat, which means you hit the balls to one end then back to the other without having to chase them down.


  • The biggest issue with the VariSpeed putting system is the price. At $99, they are simply pricing out too many potential customers.
  • There are only two sets of targets, which means the majority of your practice will come at one of two speeds rather than the wide variety that are available across the entire mat.

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Putting Trainer FAQs

Not all putting training aids are built for every golfer. Based on your issues, one trainer may provide better results than another. The answers to these frequently asked questions should help you determine with putting aid will get you the best results. If not, feel free to ask in the comments section and a team member will be happy to help.

Is there are grip training aid you recommend in addition to the ones listed?

Grip is such a personal thing when it comes to golf, we never recommend a grip training aid. That is particularly true with putting. It seems no two putters have a similar grip on tour right now, let alone a standard grip every golfer should strive for. If you only struggle with grip with the putter we recommend changing the grip on the club. If you are already using a Superstroke, make the switch to a standard-size grip. If you have not tried a Superstroke, we highly recommend them. You can always switch back at any point.

Can I use these putting mats outdoors?

All three of the putting mats listed in this article can definitely be used outside as long as you have a flat surface. We would not recommend storing any of them outside, but they should hold up for a few seasons if you choose to do so.

Which training aid provided the best results for the testers?

Our staff loves the EyleLine Mirror. It does so many different things to help your stroke and can be used on a mat and alongside an alignment tool like the Dirty Larry Navigator.

How often should I practice putting?

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to practicing any part of your golf game. While practice does make perfect, and you really can’t practice too much, it is always important to ensure you are practicing the right habits. This is why we recommend the EyeLine Mirror and the Navigator. Both training aids will point out flaws in your golf stroke and help you correct them and create better habits.

Which of these training aids is used most often on tour?

The EyeLine Mirror is the only aid that claims it is used on tour (and we have seen it at tournaments) but we have also seen the Dirty Larry Navigator several times, and would never see any of the indoor training aids at a tournament.

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