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Best New Drivers for 2015

So, you are in the market for a new driver. There are an incredible and even overwhelming number of choices out there. How can you possibly begin to know where to look, which clubs to try, and what you should look for as you shop?

Of course, a private session with a pro in this area would help but you still will need some idea of what you are looking for and how some of the clubs stack up to your needs. Surely, you will want the driver that allows you to swing for the best distance. This means that given your swing speed you will want to find the driver that best allows the ball to fly if you have a high swing speed or helps to reduce spin so that those with low swing speeds will see the ball travel a greater distance.

You will also want a club that allows for clean, solid shots that consistently fly straight to the area for which you are aiming, even if there has been a slight mishit. Of course while some golfers need more distance or need more consistency the best drivers would be those that work well in both categories and offer the most consistent and longest drives possible from a single club.

For 2015 consider any of these clubs as you look to find the one that best suits your style and swing and budget:

TaylorMade R15

taylormade-r15If it is distance you seek this might be the one for you. With a lower center of gravity than previous models by this manufacturer, the driver really lets you hit the longest drives you may ever see. The adjustable split weight design of this driver can help with accuracy and will mean that with adjustment you might find some extra distance as well as a moderate amount of forgiveness on your drives.

If you are accurate off of the tee with good solid hits and you want to really bury that ball down the fairway this club will make you quite happy.

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TaylorMade AeroBurner

taylormade-aeroburnerThose who have been around the game a while know that TaylorMade has been impressing for quite some time. This, the company’s second club in our list of the year’s best is no exception. Once again distance seekers with a firm and accurate shot will go crazy for this driver. You will see some of the longest drives of your life when you are hitting well.

This club, however, is not quite as forgiving as our other TaylorMade pick. For a driver suited to someone with a fast, accurate hit off of the tee this is the real deal.

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Ping G30

Ping-G30For those golfers who enjoy a better close in game and are looking for more accuracy and forgiveness in getting that ball to the green the Ping G30 is a fabulous choice. While not the best performer on distance it is no slouch and it will offer some improvement. That said, this driver more than makes up for its somewhat lower distance improvement with its top rated forgiveness level.

For a driver that will turn your little inaccuracies into solid drives you simply have to try this model by Ping.

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Callaway XR

xr-driver-sole-bAnother great driver for those who need improvement in accuracy and still want better distance performance is the Callaway XR. This driver is not quite as forgiving as the Ping but really offers a good balance of improvement on distance while still allowing for a sizeable correction when the ball is mishit.

Sure to be a favorite for those who are not quite the perfectionist off of the tee just yet, this Callaway driver is a well-rounded choice that reduces spin, allows for better accuracy and is overall really quite forgiving.

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Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815

big-bertha-alpha-driverOffering high ratings in terms of both distanced gained and being very forgiving of a mishit the Callaway Big Bertha is a well-balanced all around fantastic driver. This driver seems to be made for those who don’t always manage to hit the ball square on. While forgiveness may be a big factor here, this club is no slouch in the distance department either.

With several options for adjusting the weight in the head of the club and around its perimeter the Big Bertha Alpha may be one of the more versatile clubs and be more adaptable to a wide range of golfers and their capabilities.

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Titleist 915 D2

titleist 915D2For more speed and overall better performance even through several mishits consider the Titleist 915A2. Geared toward the average golfer this driver means business. It is forgiving and seemingly still manages to put forth longer distance shots time after time. This club’s ability to cut down on spin after launch means more accurate drives at serious distances.

While not the lowest spin and not the farthest distance you will see in the clubs listed here today, this solid performer is worth trying out to see if it is the right driver for you.

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Cobra Fly-Z

cobra fly-z driverFor a driver offering a very good gain in distance and a high level of accuracy and forgiveness of mishits one must take a hard look at the Cobra Fly-Z. This driver is built to suit a wide range of playing levels and skill. With great adjustability for almost any skill set and a really forgiving attitude who could not like this great driver. It is an overall solid performer that should not be overlooked.

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Choosing the Right Driver for You

The best way to shop for a driver is to give several a try. Take your time; visit pro shops more than once. Swing some clubs. Talk to the pro about your strengths and weaknesses. Remember to give each of the clubs on our list of the year’s best a good hard look. Try to find a shop that will allow you to swing a demo and maybe hit a few balls.

Another tip is to try out friend’s drivers any chance you get, and by all means, keep an eye out for other golfers who are already lucky enough to be using one of these great drivers. Generally, they will be willing to share the pros and cons of their choice with you if you ask nicely and are patient and willing to listen. Golfers tend be chock full of good information about their own equipment as they have often researched it thoroughly and have tried out several brands and pieces of equipment before making their own choice.

Don’t forget to realistically consider your needs. Do you have a very accurate swing and a need for distance? Are you often just slightly off and wish that your driver could be a little more forgiving? Are you somewhere in between? Refer back to this list often as you consider which club will be the best driver for you.

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