Best Mallet Putters 2015

The Mallet Putters have come along way in terms of the stigma attached to them in the past of being used as ‘last resort’. However, nowadays it is no longer being thought of as a tool to be used if you weren’t good enough to use a blade. The reasons they are now the putter of choice for many a player is that they have really evolved and now come in multiple shapes, sizes and the all important playing characteristics.

Mallet Putters also aide players with alignment that simply cannot be matched from blade putters so their evolution to everyone’s favorite type of putter is of no surprise. More than likely the locked on target benefits of the Mallet could well be the difference of walking from the green with that satisfied feeling or not.

Below we will review some of the best Mallet Putters of 2015.

Nike Method Converge

nike-method-converge-malletThe Nike Method Converge offers some incredible technology designed solely for the enhanced performance on the green. Along with a combination of incredible performance and technology, this putter is produced with the new RZN groove insert that softens the feel and provides ideal feedback necessary to improve your short game. The Nike Method Converge has a ‘T’ shaped alignment system at address which helps the player align to the target subsequently allowing for a more efficient and smoother stroke every time.

Retailing at between $170 and $230, this game enhancing piece of equipment comes with a traditional blade style and is available in 33″ – 35″ lengths.

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Odyssey Metal-X Milled

odyssey-metal-x-malletThe Odyssey Metal-X Milled is a carbon-steel headed Mallet Putter which provides a real comfortable and pleasant feel to the player. It comes with enhanced technology including adjustable weights, which can be very significant as it allows the player to alter the head weight by up to 20 grams which is an incredible option and one to fully allow the player to choose a desired weight for maximum shot efficiency.

Further technology displayed by the Odyssey is the addition of the 2-ball model. Although sadly it doesn’t include a counterbalanced Metal-X Milled Tank model, the putter more than makes up for this by creating a hollow sound and feel from the metal face, which could provide confidence to a less than confident putter.

Although pricey at between $300-$350, with the game improving technology featured on the putter, some would say you cannot put a price on an efficient short game.

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Odyssey Tank Cruiser

odyssey tank cruiser putterAnother Mallet Putter with adjustable settings, the Odyssey Tank Cruiser allows players to tweak weight in the head (365, 375 or 385 grams) and butt to fully achieve a specific and most comfortable feel. Shaped as a wing, it is great at boosting forgiveness; off-center hits roll out the same as center strikes, and once you get settled with the proper weighting, you’ll never look back; the club’s heft helps some guys develop a rhythmic, repeatable stroke. The feel changes as the player adjusts the club’s weighting in the head and grip, a characteristic that is special to this model; for most guys, impact sensation is crisp and firm, perfect for sinking short putts.

Miss-hits are very well compensated that there is rarely a discernible difference in feel compared with square strikes. This Odyssey is slightly larger and sturdier than the typical mid-mallet with an impressive wing shape off the back frames aiding the aiming of the ball. Also displays a black on white alignment aid which is a great touch. A classy looking Mallet Putter from Odyssey and currently retailing at $250.

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Ping Cadence TR

ping-cadence-mallet-putter-2015The Ping Cadence TR is among the top models tested. It’s a solid, forgiving high-MOI mallet that lets you choose the head feel, either heavy (black face insert) or a standard (blue) allowing you to choose which one that works best for your stroke and green conditions.

Some of the key technologies include the ‘True Roll’ grooves which vary in width and depth which allows for a greater consistency between the center and off-center hits for a more confident and balanced putt. Although the sensation at impact isn’t as distinct, or pleasurable as the aforementioned Mallet Putters, the Ping Cadence TR has many benefits which those do not support.

As one of the highest-ranked Mallet Putters, the Ping Cadence TR produces a consistent and predictable roll with its ample weight allowing the player to find the perfect distance in a without too much effort, whether the putt is short range or long distance. The feel is of a smooth nature with this excelling on solid hits and with enough contrast on misses to realize the mistake. The option of two different weights, standard or heavy, are a superb feature and allow the putter to be in their ultimate comfort zone. With its classy looks and relative small face compared to other models, the Ping Cadence TR will certainly be a non-regrettable investment at $215.

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