Best Kids Golf Sets for Under $249

Best Overall Set

EPEC Upgradeable Junior Clubs & Bag

The EPEC upgradable clubs are so genious. You can add and remove clubs, add and remove longer shafts as needed, meaning you aren’t constantly buying new sets of clubs.

As a parent who’s children have been playing for four years now (from 5 and 6 to 9 and 10), who has paid for several sets of clubs as they grow seemingly an inch per month and bought more complete sets as they improve, this was such an easy pick. Now if only my Mizuno’s were so easy to fit and work on!

The best part? These are well designed clubs that actually test off the charts. This EPEC set is forgiving, long, and looks great. They are so convinced they have created the best set of golf clubs that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

5 Star Rating

Best Performing Clubs

Callaway XJ Hot Junior Set

Our favorite comes from a familiar name in Callaway. While these are slightly more expensive than some of the other choices you will find on this list, they are really high quality clubs.

These clubs may be better for kids that have some experience and a swing that can benefit from having a nicer set of clubs. Additionally if you plan on spending time teaching or getting your child lessons these may be a great choice.

Why? There is a significant gap between these clubs and the cheaper sets, but not big enough to warrant paying an additional $150+ if your child will only play a few times per year. That being said, you want clubs with distance and forgiveness, so why wouldn’t your budding golfer?

4.5 Star Rating

Highest Quality Value Clubs

Wilson 2017 Profile Complete Junior Set

Ok so you can see the trend we have started here, we are just slightly moving down in features and quality as we move down in price. That being said, this is an absolutely great starter set for your child.

While not ‘upgradeable’, these clubs do come in four different sizes, meaning you can get a set that fits your child perfectly right now. At $129, you can replace them once a year or so, and not go bankrupt.

While we talk quality, and obviously it’s at least somewhat important even if they are just kids clubs, it’s worth noting that if your child is an absolute beginner, there will be sky marks and they likely won’t be babied quite the same way we baby our sticks.
This isn’t exactly an item you want to stick a ton of money into, making a quality set under $130 an appealing option for most of our readers.

Best Set Under $99

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

Ok so these tend to be the most popular set on this list for one clear reason: the price. A set of Confidence clubs will only set you back about $89, depending on the size you order. This makes these the obvious choice if you aren’t sold that your junior is going to have the time or desire to stick with the game.

These may be cheap, but that certainly doesn’t mean you are giving up a ton of quality. Over 319 reviews on Amazon, the average rating for this set is a more than respectable 4.4 out of 5 stars.

This set comes with a driver, 7 iron, 9 iron, and putter. The driver is obviously lofted and can be used as a fairway wood as well. Again, kind of middle of the road quality at about as low of a price as you can find a ‘full’ set of junior clubs… and they ship free.

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