Best Golf Balls for 2015

Our Picks for the Best Golf Balls of 2015

The goal of this article is not to simply tell you what the best ball is. The truth is that your golf ball needs to match your swing and game. Whether you need more distance, spin, speed, or control… you can give yourself an edge by understanding what balls enhance what parts of your game.

Whether you are an avid golfer who hits the links daily or one of those golfers who joins some friends for a few laughs and a fun game once in a while, you know that your equipment matters. Everything from you putter to your visor to your shoes and your nine iron needs to fit you and your golf style to a tee. Perhaps you have put a great deal of thought into trying some new golf gloves or a ball washer or some other new or unique piece of equipment. You may have a lucky towel or tees with your name on them. Did you realize, though, that one of the single most important pieces to a great game is choosing the correct ball to suit your swing, your style and your golfing strengths?

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Not All Golf Balls are Created Equal

Differences in core composition, in dimpling, in the cover coating and in some cases the type of paint used to keep a ball whiter longer all vary in importance to golfers. In order to choose the right ball you must consider several things and know your strengths and weaknesses very well. Do you need a ball that improves your distance and accuracy in the long game? Maybe you need to consider your putting skills and shave off a few strokes there. Perhaps you are in need of a ball with a softer feel for a little more spin around the green or firmer ball in order to really take advantage of every inch of distance you can muster.

All of these are personal choices and the only way you can really get the most out of your game is to try of few of the best golf balls for yourself. Check to see if your distance is negatively or positively impacted, to see how quickly the ball stops for you on the green and to see how it handles in close.

Golf Balls to Add Distance

For greater distance try out the Mizuno MP-S, the Nike RZN Black, Titleist Pro V1x, the Dunlop DP1-3 or the Callaway Chrome Soft. Of course, you will have to determine which of these balls best suits your style and which falls into your price range. While they all offer unique technologies in either their core, their dimpling patterns or their urethane coverings, these are the golf balls that most consistently are referred to when a player is looking for that little bit of extra distance.

These balls tend to reduce backspin, to have a firmer straighter flight with a good velocity. Getting that extra foot or two can make a significant distance in many golfers’ games.

For better handling around the green and overall improvement in the short game give the Nike RZN Platinum a try. Also try out the Srixon Z-Star, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred, and the Titleist ProV1. These balls all offer better spin on the green.

They offer a better feel and more control according to most players. These balls tend to all have soft urethane coatings which can be a little dearer in price but is well worth the investment when you consider the overall improvement in your short game performance you can potentially gain when using one of these models.

Of course some balls are more unique than others. For instance, the Titleist ProV series uses a cover paint that tends to stay white and hold up longer than in previous years. As balls improve and last longer this is a nice added feature. No one likes to play with shabby, dull or scuffed balls. Another interesting feature is found in Mizuno balls with the thermo-setting urethane covers. These balls have a bit of a tacky feel to their surface which can be a real plus in those short game situations where a bit of grip could be a plus when landing on the green.

Finally consider the Bridgestone Tour B330 series golf balls which have minute water droplets in their core which appears to be a great addition for those looking for more speed in their drive.

When Choosing a Ball, Remember to Consider your Swing

Are you a heavy power hitter with a slower but stronger strike or are you more of a speedster with a very high velocity swing that sends the ball fling down the fairway? The Bridgestone Tour B330 RX might just be the ball for that slower swing while its “partner” the Bridgestone Tour B330 is seemingly well suited to those with a higher velocity swing.

The Mizuno MP-S is a nice ball for those between the slower and faster ranges that seem to work with the Bridgestone balls since the Mizuno seems to best appeal to those with a swing in the mid-90s range. Of course, your swing speed is just one factor. If you seem to be suffering a good deal of mishits this season give the Callaway a second look with its propensity to reducing side spin on those fluky shots it can really help steady your game.

Now that you have seen the potential to improve various aspects of your golf game by taking the time to try out some of the best golf balls of 2015, you really have to experiment a little and find the ball that will give you the best distance, the best ball control on the green and the best overall performance. You will be happy to see the improvement taking the time to choose your own best golf ball for 2015 can make.

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