Best Golf Ball for Adding Distance

Get More Distance out of Your Golf Ball

Every golfer knows the importance of the tools of the trade. In this sport, switching a singular piece of equipment can have an incredible influence on your game. It’s therefore vital to test out new clubs, gadgets and balls to give yourself the best chance of success out on the green. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the best balls for players who want their drivers to go further than ever.

Ever wished you could consistently smash the ball for huge distances every time? Well, there are a lot of factors to take into account here. Some balls can have a lot of spin, resulting in additional air resistance and shorter drives. Other balls have different compression levels that will suit different types of swing. We’ve tried to simplify things by writing up a simple list of seven balls that could be right for you.

The usual issue that arises when switching to a longer distance ball is that you have to sacrifice a little bit of control. However, if your swing is good enough, this is a sacrifice you should be willing to make. With a bit of practice, you should be able to compensate for the slight drop in spin or control, and you’ll soon be hitting the sort of drives you see on the PGA Tour every year.

We know that the typical player doesn’t have the same sort of consistency in his swing as a guy like Jordan Spieth, so our list today will be targeted at the everyman. If your swing speed is lower than 90mph, these balls will be a great way for you to improve the potency your drives.

titleist velocity golf ball - best distance

Titleist Velocity

Anyone who knows anything about golf knows that Titleist is one of the best ball manufacturers in the world today. These guys have perfected the art of ball creation, making use of advanced technology and incredibly thorough testing to develop some of the very best products money can buy. They don’t exactly come cheap, but you get what you pay for. A 12-pack of Velocity balls will cost you around $35, and we have to say they’re worth every cent. Enriched with LSX technology, the Velocity balls simply glide through the air and can travel enormous distances.

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callaway hex warbird golf ball- best distance

Callaway HEX Warbird

Callaway’s HEX Warbird ball is appropriately named. This thing blazes through the sky, cutting through any resistance in its way with an incredible sense of force, giving you big drives every time. These balls have been designed with big distances in mind. As such, they are covered in HEX dimples to cut down on drag. These 2-piece balls also happen to be one of the cheapest items on our list today. You can grab a set of 12 for just $16.

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bridgestone golf e6 golf ball - best distance

Bridgestone Golf e6

The Japanese company might be more well-known for making tires than golfing goods, but they actually make some very impressive products that you should consider adding to your bag. One example is the e6 golf ball. The e6 has been designed to have minimal spin and offers some exceptionally long drives. With that reduced spin, you have a much greater chance of hitting the ball for hundreds of yards, no matter what type of swing you have. This is a 3-layer ball with very low compression and an impressive softness rating. This means that even if your swing is of a low speed, you’ll still be able to land some big hits. A dozen e6 balls can be yours for around $26.

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srixon soft feel golf ball - best distance

Srixon Soft Feel

If your swing speed is lower than average, for example around 70-80mph, then we’ve got the ball for you. Srixon put a lot of time and effort into crafting this ball specifically for players with slower swings. The 2-piece Soft Feel ball has a really soft core, letting you keep a solid feeling of control while also smashing the ball further than ever before. It even features handy little alignment marks to help you line up your shots. With a bit of shopping around, you can find a 12-pack of these balls for less than $20.

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taylormade superdeep golf ball - best distance

TaylorMade SuperDeep

The TaylorMade name is synonymous with quality and performance, and those are two things you’ll be getting plenty of with the SuperDeep golf ball. This 2-piece ball features a low compression core and massively reduced spin to give maximum distances to the average golfer. Even if your swing speed is around 70mph, you’ll benefit from the use of this ball. What’s more, you can get a dozen for around $19.99.

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nike one rzn golf ball - best distance

Nike One RZN-X

Another element in Nike’s famous RZN range. The One RZN-X ball is perfectly suited for people with average to above average swing speeds. It’s a 3-piece ball that isn’t quite as soft as something like the TaylorMade SuperDeep or Srixon Soft Feel, but is guaranteed to give you a massive number of yards off-the-tee. If you’re a big hitter who loves to see the ball arcing through the sky, this is a great choice for you. These balls will cost around $22 per dozen.

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fuzz ball golf ball - best distance

Fuzz Ball Low Compression

Last but not least, we have the Fuzz Balls. This is the cheapest entry in our list today. Incredibly, you can buy an 18-pack of Fuzz Balls for less than twenty bucks. That means you’re paying barely one dollar per ball. At such a low price, you might worry about the quality of these balls, but they really do get the job done. Designed for players with low swing speeds, these super soft balls can give you the extra distance you need. With a compression rating of 80, this ball is super soft but still legal, albeit not by much…

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