How to Create More Lag With Your Driver

From the amateur to the pro, every golfer can always make little changes and learn new techniques to improve their game, and one of the most important tools to add to your arsenal is being able to consistently create lag with your driver. This is considered a tough technique to pull off, but it can … Read more

How to Start the Downswing in Golf

Every golfer has his or her style of swing. They can vary enormously, and many different kinds of swing can be made to work well and produce impressive results. There is no one perfect way to swing a club and strike a ball, and there are so many factors to take into account when analyzing … Read more

How to Hit a Draw

Hit a Draw Like a Pro

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Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Having the right driver can make all the difference to your performance out on the course. With the latest addition to its lineup, the King, Cobra is aiming to provide incredible levels of precision and power with every hit. The club itself has a striking appearance, sure to draw it many fans, while its performance … Read more

Build Your Bag Like the Pros

What Clubs are the Pros Using This PGA Season? Every golfer knows that a set of clubs can have such a big influence on a player’s success rate. Every individual has his own idiosyncrasies and swing style, so it’s important to test out a lot of different clubs and find the right equipment for you. … Read more