Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid











  • Get out of the rough... The best club for getting solid contact in thick rough.
  • Versatile... Use it off the tee and get a safe, straight drive
  • Ability to get the ball up off whatever surface will allow you to approach each shot with supreme confidence.
  • The price is unbelievable, potentially the best value in golf.


  • The distance is above average, but even the 14-degree club isn't replacing your driver.

In today’s golf world, the average golfer will have at least one hybrid club in their bag in order to fully exploit a whole range of tools being capable of striking different shots from all kinds of situations. With a booming reputation of producing high quality premium golf clubs, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is quite simply an incredible bit of kit. Famed for the distance they tend to cover off the tee, the Hybrid version is a club that displays a consistent distance swing after swing.

Adams… A Market Leader in Hybrids

adams-tight-lies-hybrid-review-2015As a market leader in Hybrids, the Adams collection has well and truly upped their game to allow for the average player to finally benefit from the equipment. It is well known that Adams offers and produces a variety of models almost solely aimed at players who play to a high standard whilst offering a popular max game improvement to that minority. That’s great for that privileged minority but what about the masses and the average Joe’s? Step up the Tight Lies. This truly remarkable Hybrid is designed to really meet the expectations of the average player and more than meets the demand for a game-improvement stick.

Adams have really listened and produced a Hybrid of real quality to ensure the majority of keen golfers can really benefit from their equipment whilst also offering a Hybrid which promotes consistency. The design of the club is impressive, with the ‘upside-down’ head shape promoting a lower center of gravity which aids the benefit of high launching shots to truly allow for the user to navigate that inevitable section of the course with relative ease.

The design is also of a trapezoidal ‘tri-sole’ which ultimately allows for a cleaner hit without such a huge amount of earth involvement. The face of the club is made up of the very high-strength Carpenter 455 stainless steel whilst also combining with channels in the crown and sole which allows for an improvement in face deflection which invariably boosts ball speed.


A Versatile Club

While the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is a distance club and definitely not a short hitter, if you are purely looking for distance, then it would probably be wiser to use an alternative club. However, saying that, if your game is complemented by raw power then this really could be the perfect club for you as very few game improvement models match the combination of versatility and control that the Tight Lies Hybrid offers.

Commonly known as the Houdini Hybrid, the Tight Lies Hybrid is a very versatile club as you would expect from a Hybrid. It is known as the Houdini Hybrid simply because of the little bit of magic that it can mysteriously create in escape shots.

adams-tight-lies-face-reviewThe small but weight ridden head acts as a torpedo when powering its way through the most difficult of environments such as the dreaded thick rough, pine straw or any other situation you find yourself in from a wayward miss-hit. The design of the sole is special as it doesn’t allow for drag or dig due to the fact that it’s a natural high-flier whilst it also allows for that magic to be continued by offering indigenous ways to fly to the pin from awkward grounds.

Although a long hitter, the club very much responds better to precision than raw power. As mentioned earlier in the article, If it is pure power you are looking for, then for the sake of your game, it would be better to opt for a more powerful option, but for those with great precision and technique then this club is definitely worth a test.

The Tight Lies Hybrid is ideal for pinch hits for 3-, 4- or a 5-iron whilst also offering a relaxing gap out of the rough and those pesky bunkers. The club for all of it’s distance, doesn’t compromise accuracy and forgiveness. The Tight Lies Hybrid is an accurate and obedient club that will fly straight but it won’t make you perfect as although it will aid you in your misses, it certainly won’t help erase them.

The feel of the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Is one of the best in the business. Although substantial considering its size, the dense clubhead allows for the generation of a tight but with a tidy sense of compression during the initial impact whilst the balance the club provides makes the swing extremely easy and smooth which will aid the fluency of the motion and subsequently allowing for a more precise and accurate shot.

Retailing at $180, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is extremely good value for money considering the quality that it offers for a Hybrid. Along with its design of being compact and minimal with a clean, teardrop silhouette, the club allows for you to focus on the task in hand and to truly benefit from the consistency that the club offers.

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