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Golfsmith ClubVantage Value and Review

Golfsmith is the biggest golf retailer in the entire world, supplying players with all of the clubs, equipment and services they could ever need to be successful out on the course. The Texas-based company has a huge amount of retail locations and also operates via two websites. One of the big selling points of the Golfsmith brand is its ClubVantage plan.

Essentially, ClubVantage provides the customer with a range of services, discounts and repairs, ensuring that the clubs you pay for will remain as effective and attractive as possible in the future. If you want to keep your clubs in top condition, it’s well worth investing in the ClubVantage service.

golfsmith-clubvantageThere are a lot of different benefits to be enjoyed with this plan, including discounted services and other exclusive discount deals for every member. Thanks to these money-saving offers, the cost of the plan should easily be outweighed by the amount of cash you save via the various membership deals and bonuses. For regular golfers who like to keep their clubs in top working condition, this is a great deal that really shouldn’t be missed.

To make things even more attractive, Golfsmith staff will work with you to figure out the best plan and price to suit your needs. The idea of the ClubVantage plan is to allow any amateur player to look after their clubs like a professional, and Golfsmith has certainly succeeded in fulfilling that objective.

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GolfSmith ClubVantage Subscriber Benefits

Let’s look at what you get from being a ClubVantage subscriber. First of all, every member is able to enjoy 28 different regrip services entirely free. Grips can easily wear down with repeated use and the cost of regripping can add up over time.

With ClubVantage, you won’t have to worry about those fees as you can enjoy free grip replacement on all of your registered clubs. You will also benefit from discounts on more serious repairs. So if you have a damaged club in need of some maintenance, you can simply visit a local Golfsmith store and enjoy a sizeable discount on any repair costs.

Golfsmith stores provide all sorts of repairs, with friendly and highly-trained staff on hand at all times to answer your queries and help with your problems. Therefore, not only will you be getting cheaper service, you’ll also be guaranteed high quality work every time.

The rules and regulations of this plan state that you can enjoy these benefits on any of your own clubs. Naturally, you aren’t able to share these promotions with friends and family members, so will need to register your own set of clubs with the store once you take out a membership.

Another great part of the ClubVantage plan is the exclusive trade-in bonus. With this bonus, you will receive an extra 15% on the value of any clubs you decide to trade-in with Golfsmith. The official Golfsmith website shows trade-in values for every type of club, so you can research these values before making any decision and add on your bonus 15%.

This bonus could make a big difference and allow you to purchase better quality gear for future use. Naturally, you aren’t able to combine this deal with other promotions and offers that the store might be running, but you can trade in any type of club, from drivers to wedges to putters.

clubvantage details

ClubVantage Membership Details

Membership plans with ClubVantage last for two years. When you start up a new membership, you’ll be presented with a special ClubVantage card which can be presented in-store to gain bonus discounts and promotions. You’ll also be required to present a form of ID to prove that you are the genuine owner of the card. This helps to prevent people from stealing your card and taking advantage of your membership privileges. At the end of the two-year membership period, any and all benefits will expire unless you decide to renew the membership once again.

Now let’s look at some of the terms and conditions of this plan. It’s important to note that ClubVantage does not replace or act as any sort of warranty on the goods you own or buy. For regripping or repairs, members will also have to pay for any parts that may be required to fix the club. You’ll also have to pay for shipping costs, should your clubs need to be transported to another repair facility.

As with most plans of this nature, ClubVantage does not provide cover for extreme circumstances that include acts of God, intentional equipment damage, items that have been severely neglected, and more. Other Golfsmith services like club assembly, rechroming and refinishing are also not included in this plan.

Overall, it’s certainly worth taking a look at becoming a ClubVantage member. For avid golfers in particular, the benefits offered by this initiative are very worthwhile. It’s impossible to keep golfing equipment in perfect condition at all times, so it’s certainly reassuring for ClubVantage members to know that can enjoy these great discounts and free services when things go wrong.

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