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Using Our 2nd Swing Coupon Codes

Using a 2nd Swing coupon codes is pretty straight forward. Simply click on and open the coupon you wish to use from our directory. Paste the code, and head over to 2ndswing.com. Shop for slightly used and refurbished clubs at discounted rates, and once you are ready to checkout, paste our coupon into the box highlighted to the right. The discount should be immediately applied to your shopping cart.

2nd swing promo codesFeel free to try each of our coupons to see which will save you the most money on your purchase. It’s also worth noting that 2nd Swing free shipping coupons will often save you more than our 11% off coupon. This is why we recommend you try several promo codes prior to completing your purchase.

Why Shop at 2ndSwing.com?

Is 2nd Swing Golf the right golfing retailer for you? We’re going to try to answer that question today by taking a look at this company’s various policies and programs. Nowadays, every retailer has its own advantages and disadvantages, with each one trying to keep ahead of the competition by offering better deals and more enticing offers.

All of this means that, as a golfing enthusiast, you have more options than ever before and can benefit from this increasingly crowded industry by shopping around and saving some cash. 2nd Swing Golf is a big name in the golfing scene, having become famous for offering an enormous range of preowned clubs for highly affordable prices, but the brand also sells plenty of new gear and other items too, as well as proposing a myriad of interesting services. Let’s take a closer look to find out more.

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Who is 2nd Swing Golf?

2nd Swing Golf has its beginnings back in 2006, when a small group of golf fans got together to start buying and selling clubs. The group quickly took a liking to this new profession and wanted to develop a closer connection with each and every customer, understanding the importance of loyalty and satisfaction. The company officially began just one year later, in 2007, and has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2nd swing couponsIt has won several awards, particularly over the last few years, and the 2nd Swing Golf name has become closely tied with the ideas of customer happiness and excellent value products. The company’s philosophy is all about giving every customer the best possible experience. To that end, the brand now offers a massive range of items, along with extra services like a play guarantee, trade-in center, custom fitting and extended warranties.

Let’s look at these various aspects in closer detail, beginning with the company’s 30-day play guarantee. While other companies have strict limitations about returns and refunds, 2nd Swing Golf understands that you need to test out your clubs and may realize that one item just isn’t right for you. That’s why they offer this guarantee, allowing you to send back any items that don’t fully satisfy you within a 30-day period for a full refund in store credit.

You can choose to send back your items via mail or take them directly to a retail location. Not only this, but you’ll also benefit from a 90-day warranty on any used item you purchase, allowing you to make purchases without any worries or concerns.

Equipment Trade-In Program

2nd swing trade in promotionThe brand’s trade-in center is also a real highlight. In fact, 2nd Swing Golf is able to boast of some of the best trade-in prices in the business. Some retailers offer incredibly low amounts for clubs in order to boost their profits, but this company understands the true value of older clubs and is prepared to offer you some attractive prices for your used gear.

Not only that, but the online trade-in center works exceptionally well, featuring easy-to-navigate menus that let you identify your clubs and add them to your basket with ease. Then, all you’ll need to do is post them off. You can also choose to receive payment via either check or PayPal, which is another convenient option offered by this brand.

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2nd Swing Return Warranty, Guarantees, and Return Policy

It’s also worth noting that this company has a real dedication to ensuring that you feel safe and confident when making your purchases. They guarantee that every single product on the site is 100% official, as well as taking actual photos of every individual item. That way, you can see exactly what you’re paying for before it gets sent out. It’s rare to see a retailer take the time to offer customers a genuine look at the exact product they’re purchasing, but it’s certainly a big plus point for 2nd Swing Golf and helps to prevent any problems or nasty surprises from arising.

One final advantage of this company that we simply can’t forget to mention is its custom fitting service. 2nd Swing Golf knows that the vast majority of golfers out there are playing with clubs that simply aren’t right for them. The equipment you use can have an enormous impact on the quality of your play, as well as your overall enjoyment of the game. It’s therefore absolutely vital to have the right tools for the job.

The highly-trained staff at 2nd Swing Golf know exactly how to respond to the needs of every individual. These professionals work daily to help you find the ideal clubs to suit your own swing and style, with the brand being awarded various “Best Fitter” awards over the last few years to prove it.

Overall, if you’re in need of some new golfing gear, 2nd Swing Golf is a great place to shop. This brand offers a massive range of goods for very attractive prices, with frequent promotions and even special discounts for the military. The brand’s trade-in program is second to none, and its extra services and policies are smartly-designed to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We haven’t been disappointed in our own dealings with this brand and we doubt that you will be either.